Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Dream of Doctor Bantam

 I won this book in the Giveaway. Let me just say I am SO thrilled to have the opportunity not only to read this book, but to own it also. This is definitely the kind of book that stays with you well after you have finished reading it. There are many things I'd love to say about this book, but I found that talking about this book is hard to do without giving away spoilers. A few things that i WILL say though...I found my heart breaking for Tabitha, as she was struggling to find "her place" in this world. I absolutely loved Julie's character. She was very raw and real, as well as a complete smartass. Now i usually fly through books but i found myself having to keep putting this book down, due to how VERY frustrating the Institute of Temporal Illusions (Church of Scientology-like Cult) and their member's were, as well as their influence over Patrice!!

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