Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flash Point

Flash Point by Nancy Kress
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
In Flash Point the world is different after "the Collapse" destroys the economy (think The Depression times 100). There are only two classes of people. The extremely rich and the extremely poor, the middle class has been eradicated. Children are now deemed adults at the age of 16 because there were so many orphans the country needed to figure out a way to not be responsible for the kids. Amy is 16 and is struggling to support her sick grandmother and younger sister. Amy is working as a waitress when an she gets an opportunity  to interview for a new tv show. Which she knows nothing about, except that it pays MUCH better than her current job. Amy gets one of the roles on the reality show. She now has medical care for her sick grandmother and enough money to pay the rent, finally.<br /> When Amy leaves the studio to go home, she finds a man bleeding on the ground. When she stops to help him, he jumps up and attacks her. Come to find out the same thing happened to everyone who got on the show, and the viewers need to guess correctly how a certain person reacted to win the grand prize. Which is 5 million dollars. The ratings go crazy and they are all instantly famous. Only problem is with each episode its getting more and more dangerous and the kids have no idea when they are apart of a scenario or if it's a real life situation they are dealing with.<br /> I really liked the "cast" of the reality show an how all their different personalities shown through. No one got lost in this book, even though Amy was the main character. It's definitely a book that grabs your attention and doesn't let go  <

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