Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
 First and foremost ... WHY?!? Why did I wait SO long to pick up this book?? Well, I sure am happy I finally did.<br /> Karou is 17 yrs old who lives in Prague and attends an art school. She lives with and works for Brimstone, who is also more like a father figure for her and a hard-working Wishmonger who Karou loves dearly but is also confused by. Brimstone has a workshop that Karou and others can only enter with his permission through portals throughout the world. Regardless of where anyone enters in the world they all arrive in the same place. Leaving on errands can be just as mysterious and dangerous for Karou as the portal door might open in India, Morrocco, the United States, somewhere else in Russia or Italy. She usually never knows until she's there. Karou runs errands for Brimstone, often collecting human teeth from dealers but Brimstone never tells her what he uses the teeth for. In exchange for the errands he replenishes her wish necklace. Every time she makes a small wish one "bead" disappears, bigger wishes take more "beads". Karou has been trained for most of her life because her errands can and have gotten very dangerous. On one of her errands Karou's life changes, as a seraphim appears and fights her in front of many people who were shocked to see an angel. Never-the-less an angel whose wings drop fire. As was Karou. Karou keeps thinking she knows this angel (Akiva). Akiva, as well as other Angels have been burning their handprints into all the portal doorways to Brimstone's workshop around the world ... Karou realizes that her "family" is in grave danger. Laini Taylor has written an exceptional novel and I can't wait dive into the sequel!

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