Saturday, March 16, 2013

Heiress of Lies

Heiress of Lies (Bloodtruth #1) Heiress of Lies by Cege Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
 Although Heiress of Lies is a great take on a "vampire" story. I must be honest and say that I've become a little bored with all the vampire novels out there. So I will take a minute and say BRAVO on Heiress of Lies.<br /> Heiress of Lies is a novel about Angeline Robart, princess of Althea. She was betrothed at a young age to Malin. Who happens to be her father's chief adviser. Heiress of Lies is primarily based on Angeline and Connor's POV. Which gives readers the opportunity to see how events unfold through Connor the vampire's eyes.<br /> Angeline for the past 2 years has been living at the convent, St. Abeth, when she gets word that her father is dying and wishes to see his beautiful daughter. As Angeline is on her way home from the convent her men are attacked and she is taken captive by Connor. During her time with Connar, Angeline recalls some memories and eventually she is introduced to the darker side of her Robart family line. At first Angeline keeps trying to think of a way to escape but Connor always seems to be one step ahead of her. Every time Angeline has strong thoughts, Connor seems to know exactly what she is thinking/feeling. Angeline is very unsure of Connor ... she was told that "his kind" was extinct, as well as vicious monsters. But Angeline is torn by what she was brought up learning about these monsters and how Connor actually makes her feel. To her surprise, Connor is intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful of her and her needs. Connor is equally shocked and surprised by not only Angeline's beauty, but by the fact that she doesn't see him as a "monster".  Later on in the book Cege Smith gives us a glimpse of Connor's past life, when he was still human and how he became a vampire.With this information, you find yourself actually feeling for Connor (if you hadn't yet) as well as gaining deeper insight into why Connor kidnapped Angeline. It also becomes easier to understand Connor. Not only the man, but the vampire that he has become.<br /><br />This book has tons of suspense and ups and downs. I would definitely recommend you read it if you're a fan of Vampires and or Historical Fiction!!

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